Company information

THE MINER SHOP LTD UK Company number 10823336

We only moved from UK due to BREXT.

All your products come from China?

Most of our customers are based in U.S. and European Union. Therefore we ship from U.S. (New Mexico) for North America and Netherlands for Europe.
The only exception are the pre-order products that are not released yet. Even in this situation we are doing the best to make sure that our customers get the products ASAP.
We do understand time pressure and we will always try to do our best.

Can I order and pick up the product from your office?

In order to pick up your product from us we just need the prof of purchase (invoice) and prof of identity (ID or Passport).
This process is only available in Netherlands and we need to know in advance your plans. We encourage customers to make an appointment and collect their products from our location to offer FREE training. Our reputation for continue growth of sales and satisfied customers defines our purpose and our support team will make sure you will get the best in all aspects.

Shipping and insurance?

SHIPPING is FREE and it will always be FREE (worldwide) no matter the order amount. All parcels will come with Insurance and tracking number.

Why you have so great low prices on most of your products?

Due to our long lasting relation to our main partners in mining products and continue growing of customers, we can negotiate the base factory price for most of our products.

I am new to mining, can you help me?

If you buy a product from us, you will be part of our family and we will definitely do our best to get you going and offer the best advise.

Can I do a returns?

Our policy about returns is NO QUESTION ASK. You are entitle for a refund in 30 days from the date you received your product (signature will be required on delivery).

I just send back the product and I got the prof of delivery, when I will get refunded?

It usually takes 3-5 business days, it depends of your region. We understand the cryptocurrency market and we will work around the clock to get your refund back.

About warranty?

We are U.K. and E.U. registered company, we are offering 6 moths full warranty to all our products. However we offer the possibility of warranty extension, only if the extension is made within first 6 months.

I bought a product from you and my warranty is out, can you help me?

Definitely, we can help. You are more than welcome to get our help and get you back in business again.

New product got released can I upgrade my current one?

Definitely you can, only if the product is bought from us. We will let you know your trade value and what you will need to pay for the upgrade.

With who you share my information?

We understand you privacy and we ensure that we do not share your information with no one outside our company. No third-party entities, no government agencies of any kind of any country. Your information is fully encrypted to 4096 bit, our own employees have no access to sensitive information.

May I return my product if I changed my mind?

Yes you can, in a 30 day time frame from receiving. Products that are custom configured, build to order and personalized cannot be cancelled or refunded.



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